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Baldinos Mc Lean VA Locksmiths are licensed by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, bonded and insured, employed by Baldinos Lock and Key, Inc., and headquartered in Lorton, Va. We have 85 employees. Our Mc Lean VA Locksmiths are dispatched from any of our 12 Northern Virginia locksmith shop storefront locations. Our Mc Lean VA Locksmiths have been serving the citizens of Mc Lean VA for over 40 years, where we have earned an outstanding reputation and loyal customer base.

Baldinos Mc Lean VA Locksmiths truly is a local locksmith company. Baldinos Mc Lean VA Locksmiths employs licensed locksmith technicians who live and work in the Mc Lean VA and Northern Virginia area. Our licensed locksmith technicians have an average of ten years experience working as locksmiths in Mc Lean VA. Each Baldinos Mc Lean VA Locksmith is carefully scrutinized before employment and must pass our own strict criminal background investigation process before being considered for employment as a Mc Lean VA Locksmith. Each candidate for employment must have specific locksmith skills and participate in both our own continuing education and locksmith training programs on an ongoing basis.

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